Mission Statement


Our mission here at Murad Agric is to become industry leaders by providing value added products services to our customers and by building further on our corporate image of excellence, integrity, innovation. We not only aim  grow in our present business domain but aim to grow by exploring new sectors and by drawing strength from our corporate image.

Through Total Quality Management we aim to pinpoint internal and external requirements which allow us to continuously improve, develop, and maintain quality, cost, delivery, and morale.

The strategy, for attaining complete satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees, is to constantly work towards a system that would help us realize our true potential. This is achieved by motivating our technically sound workforce through a range of incentives and through constant training of all our employees. As an organization we aim to also recognize our responsibility to the society through ethical business practices which will encourage the benefit of all stakeholders. We aim to explore new markets by building up on our excellent corporate image. Efforts in this direction are focused on investing in the latest technology, developing innovative products, building a stronger management style. All our actions are aimed at providing our customers with superior service, the best long term value, and maximum return on investment.