Murad Agric is a reliable and quality provider agricultural equipment manufacturer in the Industry. We manufacture agricultural equipments and all types of farm implements as well as commercial turf, industrial equipment and lawn care equipments. We have operated for over 56 years in world’s fastest growing agricultural equipment market as wholesale and Retail seller for Residential as well as Commercial use. We have aim to lead the way in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We provide a wide range of solutions for agriculture producers to enhance their productivity and efficiency to maintain profit margins. In addition to providing reliable farm implements that is more economical for agriculture producers to supply directly to retailers and than through wholesalers. Suppliers of agricultural machinery are always faced with big challenges. The legal requirements for agricultural machinery have been considerably tightened and the customer still expects farm machinery to work perfectly in dust and be cost-effective. We build things that work the way you wish they would. A new strategy for your business, we integrate the advanced technology and equipments to link operators, producers, managers, and dealers. You can discuss and manage information about your operation or procedure easier than ever before. Murad Agric is also a Reliable partner of Government Of Punjab in providing quality agricultural Machinery. Currently we are engaged in PRSP, SPPAP, AMRI, Ariculture machinery research center with Government of Punjab